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There is nothing like low hanging fruits. We must be willing to pay the price for us to stand out and be ahead of the pack.
Proverbs 14:23 says, "All hard work brings a profit, but mere talks leads only to poverty." Let your actions precede your words.

Thursday, 22 December 2016


Today I want to share with you some very fundamental questions about life that have immensely helped me in my journey through life. Ever since I came across these questions and tried to answer most of them, my life has never remained the same. They opened my eyes and totally transformed me into the person I am today. (My deepest desire is that they will do the same to you.)

I challenge you, throughout this holiday season, to find time and go through them, one-by-one. If you can, clearly and specifically write down the answers to each of the questions in your journal /diary.

One thing I can promise you for sure is that you'll never remain the same!

Have a wonderful time as you do this life transforming exercise. All the best.

Here are the questions...



[*Source: Celestine Chua's blog*]

1 . Who are you ?

2 . What are you  passionate about ?

3 . What are the achievements you are most proud of?

4 . What are you most grateful for in life ?

5 . What are the most important things to you in life ?

6 . How would you describe yourself ?

7 . What are your values? What do you represent ? What do you want to embody?

8 . Do you love yourself ?

9 . … Why or Why not?

10 . How can you love yourself more today ?

11 . What is your ideal self ? What does it mean to be your highest self?

12 . Look at your life now . Are you living the life of your dreams?

13 . If you have one year left to live , what would you do ?

14 . If you have one month left to live , what would you do ?

15 . If you have one week left to live , what would you do ?

16 . If you have one day left to live , what would you do ?

17 . If you have an hour left to live , what would you do ?

18 . If you have one minute left to live , what would you do ?

19 . What would you do today if there is no more tomorrow ?

20 . What are the biggest things you’ve learned in life to date ?

21 . What advice would you give to yourself 3 years ago ?

22 . If you are yourself 1 year from the future , how would you advise the you now ?

23 . Is there something you’re still holding on to? Is it time to let it go ?

24 . What are you busy with today ? Will this matter 1 year from now ? 3 years ? 5 years ?

25 . What are your Quadrant 2 tasks?

26 . What opportunities are you looking for ?

27 . How can you create these opportunities ?

28 . What are your biggest goals and dreams ?

29 . What’s stopping you from pursuing them? …Why ? How can you overcome them?

30 . If you are to do something for free for the rest of your life , what would you want to do ?

31 . What would you do if you cannot fail ; if there are no limitations in money, resources, time or networks ?

32 . What do you want to achieve 1 year from now ?

33 . … 3 years ?

34 . … 5 years ?

35 . … 10 years?

36 . How important are these goals to you?

37 . What if these goals are doubled ? Tripled ? Magnified by 10 ? How would you feel ? Would you prefer to achieve these or your previous goals ?

38 . Who are the people who have achieved similar goals ? … What can you learn from them?

39 . Are you putting any parts of your life on hold ? … Why ?

40 . What ’s the top priority in your life right now ?

41 . What are you doing about it ?

42 . If you were to die tomorrow, what would be your biggest regret ? What can you do now to make sure that doesn't happen ?

43 . For every experience you get : What are the biggest things you have learned ?

44 . How can you do this better the next time ?

45 . If you have 1 million dollars , what will you do with it ?

46 . Do you love your job ?

47 . What is your ideal career?

48 . How can you start creating your ideal career starting today ?

49 . What is your ideal diet ?

50 . What do you need to do to achieve your ideal diet ?

51 . What is your ideal home like ?

52 . What do you need to do to achieve your ideal home ?

53 . What is your ideal physical look ?

54 . What do you need to do to achieve your ideal physical look ?

55 . What is your ideal life ?

56 . What can you do to start living your ideal life ?

57 . What would you want to say to yourself 1 year in the future ?

58 . … 3 years ?

59 . … 5 years ?

60 . … 10 years?

61 . What do you fear most in life ?

62 . Is there anything you are running away from?

63 . Are you settling for less than what you are worth ? … Why?

64 . What is your inner dialogue like ?

65 . What limiting beliefs are you holding on to ?

66 . Are they helping you achieve your goals ?

67 . If not, is it time to let them go ?

68 . What empowering beliefs can you take on to help you achieve your goals ?

69 . What bad habits do you want to break ?

70 . What good habits do you want to cultivate ?

71 . What are the biggest actions you can take now to create the biggest results in your life ?

72 . Where are you living right now – the past , future or present ?

73 . Are you living your life to the fullest right now ?

74 . What is the meaning of life ?

75 . What is your purpose in life ? Why do you exist? What is your mission ?

76 . How can you make your life more meaningful , starting today ?

77 . What drives you?

78 . What are the times you are most inspired , most motivated , most charged up ?

79 . What did you do during those times ? How can you do more of that starting today ?

80 . How can you change someone ’s life for the better today ?

81 . Who are the 5 people you spend the most time with ?

82 . Are these people enabling you or holding you back ?

83 . What qualities do you want to embody? Where can you meet people who embody these qualities ?

84 . Who inspire you the most ?

85 . How can you be like them?

86 . What is your ideal life partner like ?

87 . Where can you find him /her ?

88 . How can you get to know him/ her ?

89 . Are you afraid of letting others get close to you ?

90 . … Why ?

91 . Who is / are the most important person( s ) to you in the world ?

92 . Are you giving them the attention you want to give ?

93 . How can you spend more time with them starting today ?

94 . What kind of person do you enjoy spending time with ?

95 . How can you be this person to others ?

96 . Who do you want to be like in 1 year?

97 . … 3 years ?

98 . … 5 years ?

99 . … 10 years?

100. Who are your mentors in life ? (formal or informal )

101. What is one thing you ’re going to do differently after reading this article ?

Sunday, 27 March 2016

It is finished!

Hello… I hope there is a smile over there! Beloved, have you realized? Jesus won the victory and more so, we’re victors through Him. He did it, He has done it, and now, it is FINISHED!!
Allow me to give you some creative synopsis of what happened: The devil thought he had the final say. He thought he had finished Jesus and won the game!  

No doubt, after the body of Jesus was sent to the tomb, the devil had thrown this big party in hell to celebrate what he thought was his victory. 

Now all the demons were in the dance floor, squirming and rolling to the rhythm. Drinks were flowing as big tunes rented the air.  Sure, ‘the room was on fire,’ as they say.  

It was about that moment when everyone in the room felt to be on top of the world that a certain messenger brought in the news. This messenger, with great panic, rushed to the DJ and was seen whispering something to him.

The DJ seemed not to bother. He dismissed the messenger and, using his mike, he made it clear to his swarm of fanatics that the party was not going to stop any sooner.  “Ikibamba sana wapi nduruu wewee…,” His thundering voice rented the air. Seconds later, after doing a couple of spinning, this DJ interjected again and gave an assurance: “Ladies & gentlemen, today we gonna ‘pari’ till ‘them’ world know there is a ‘pari’ tonight. If you can hear me, raise your voice and let me hear you scream…!”

Meanwhile, the messenger looked confused and restless. You could see him walk right, left, center, heading nowhere in particular. At some point he tried to take the weight off his feet by finding a chair, but, he simply had no peace! 

When he couldn’t hold it any longer, he turned to the DJ for second time and pleaded with him for a listening ear. The DJ finally budged and the messenger broke the news: “Mr. DJ, I’m sorry but you’ve got to stop the party. News from our trusted sources has it that we’ve terribly lost! In fact, if we don’t run away, we might find us ourselves in much greater trouble. Jesus himself might come here to official declare defeat on our side! Nikubaya joo! Kumethoka!”

With resentments written all over his face, the DJ turned to his Samsung Galaxy S6, and alas!  It was full of missed calls, texts and WhatsApp messages.  He looked at one of the texts and the message was clear. “SORRY WE LOST! SORRY THE PARTY HAS BEEN PROVED TO BE ILLEGAL!”

As the DJ looked up to the door, everyone in the room had already turned around and feasting their eyes on the entrance. About that time, they saw a figure of a person in a distance. This person was different. Like an overhead train coming with its full headlights on, he was radiating with such an intense brilliance that they had to squint so hard and turn their faces away.

He drew closer and they soon realized that he was none other than Him! Behold, Jesus Christ, whom they thought was finished was standing before them with all the power, the authority and the majesty!

Like flashlight, suddenly silence swept through the room while everyone’s mouth took the shape of a perfect “O”!  Gripped with great fear, their hair stood still as their hearts began to race! The temperature in their chest doubled and the knees could no longer hold the weight of their bodies. One by one, they all fell off to the floor and as the Son of God took some steps towards them, they crawled to the walls to pave a way for the Risen King!

Jesus, the Son of God, broke the silence, “I am HE who lives. I was dead, but behold, I wasn’t finished. You see, perhaps you got me wrong; that day on the cross I said “it is finished”, I never said I was finished!! Here I am, I’ve risen from the dead, and now I’m alive forever more!” 

Jesus, holding the keys of death and Hades, officially rendered the devil POWERLESS!!
Friend, it is finished! Jesus Christ has paid it all! He has settled the penalty for our sins and by his grace we’re now redeemed.

I don’t know, maybe right now you’re trapped in bondage of sin. You feel like everything in your life is falling apart! Let me tell you for sure, you have no reason whatsoever to continue wallowing in condemnation when Christ has paid it all.

What are you waiting for? Jesus, the one who has power over death; the one who holds the Keys of death and Hades, and the one who gives you the very breath that enables you read this piece, desires to set you free!

He is calling you and hoping that somehow someway you’ll receive His free gift of salvation and be reconciled back to God.

Beloved, you can receive Christ this very moment. Through faith, you can let Him be your Lord and savior. The Bible says, “If you confess with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.”-Romans 10:9  

Now, if you’ve made that conscious decision to follow Christ and let him be your Lord and Savior, I’d like to invite you to make this prayer in faith: 

Lord Jesus, I acknowledge that I’m a sinner. I believe that you’re the Son of God.
You died for my sins, and on the third day you rose from the dead, and now you live forever more.
I submit my life to you and I receive you as my Lord and savior. From this moment, I commit myself to walk in you. God, lead me and let me live in accordance to your will.
Thank you for cleansing me with you blood, coming into my life and saving me.
It is in your mighty name I pray and believe, AMEN!

If you’ve prayed this prayer, please let me know through this email: jamesserengia@gmail.com 

Finally, I want to leave you with this: The best choice one can ever make is living in Christ. All other ground is sinking sand but Jesus is the solid rock!

Thursday, 11 February 2016

We grow through tough times!

Today my little world wanna encourage your world out there. Friend, you see, in this life one thing that is sure as death, is facing challenges. Whatever you get yourself to do you’ll always come to that moment when you feel like you’re in between a rock and a hard place. In such moment, the easiest thing most people do is giving in to defeat and stop trying, not realizing that they a passing through a quality test!

Ask geologists or perhaps if you did Geography or Chemistry you might be aware of this fact about metals: the finest-purest-metal is got when iron-ore passes through the hottest furnace.
This is the same case with us. Personally, I’ve come to learn that the more challenges I go through in life, the more I’m refined and the better I become.

Friend, I want to give you this nugget of wisdom: When faced with challenges, we should not cringe back and settle for defeat. Instead, we need to have an optimistic attitude. We need to know that it’s through that fire of afflictions that our character gets to develop and we become better. We are refined through challenges and tough times; without which we are vulnerable to terrible failure.  
As I pose to listen to my heart, I’m thinking of Adam. He was the first person who ever lived. What is odd with him is the fact that he came to this world when he was already an old person. You can imagine; he had beards in his first day on this planet!

The fact is, Adam never knew what it means to undergo hardship. The Garden of Eden in which God placed him was always flourishing and he never had to work. Without having to attend any Biological class, he could wake up and just tell you, this animal is called lion, this other one is an elephant and this amazing insect over here is an ant.  

Contrast this with the second Adam, Jesus Christ, whom God gave as an atoning sacrifice to redeem man. This Adam underwent a different kind of experience. He’s were tough experiences that my mere words will underestimate. Just to give you a tip of an iceberg, he was born, of all places, in a manger! He took the form of a servant, and despite his unparalleled love for humanity, he was rejected in his home town, Nazareth. People mocked and even spit on him like on daily basis. He was later, willingly, hanged on the cross as an atoning sacrifice for the sins of man.  

Studying these two characters, I think one of the reasons why the first Adam easily fell when he was tempted by the serpent was the fact that he knew nothing about hardship and challenges. Through Eve, the serpent lied to him that by eating the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, he will be greater than God. He ate the fruit and his fellowship with God was broken that very moment. 

On the flip side, Jesus knew what it means to pay the price. He knew that there was no shortcut in reconciling man back to God rather through undergoing hardship and challenges. No wonder when the serpent tempted Him in the wilderness to opt for an easy way out, Jesus conquered. When He had an option to denounce that he was the Son of God and escape agony and being slain, Jesus stood his ground. The son of God clearly new that it was only through these challenges and sufferings that the mission of reconciling man back to God would be accomplished. 

In the book of James 1:2-4 the Bible says: “Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.”

My urge to everyone going through tough times and challenges is this: Beloved, trust God and remain faithful in keeping his commands and in His right time, as you diligently do His will, you will begin to see the light on the other end of the tunnel. God will renew our strength and just like the eagles, you will begin to soar. And, your challenges will refine you and take you to glory! 

ALSODon't blend in, STAND OUT!! 

Wednesday, 27 January 2016


I remember a while back when I was a first year at the University I had this friend who really used to inspire me.

He is a faith-filled guy. His face is always beaming with joy and to add to his composed demeanor was his unique positive mindset. Whenever you sit next to this guy and just listen to him, your spirit feels rejuvenated. That notwithstanding, he excelled in all spheres of life, ranging from academics to social life.

Being a first year, he had a thriving business and had started a charity organization to help pay the school fees for children from needy families.  

Due to his great accomplishments and unique character, my friends and I nicked named him a "Game Changer."

Looking at this guy, an uninformed observer might say, "Well, this guy is born a winner so he definitely has to win in any situation."
What such observer might have forgotten is the fact that being born a winner is one thing, winning is another. Sticking close to the "game changer" and seeing how he relentlessly worked in order to stand out from the crowed, I learnt that winning is a result of conscious intentional actions.

What made my friend to always stand out is not a random chance but his strong conviction that God inscribed in him some unlimited potential which he backed up with relentless and persistent actions. These are the potentials which allows humans to do exploits if they are WILLING TO ACT.

This realization blessed my heart and infected me with that consuming desire to pursue greatness. This amazing guy made me realize that I (as well as you) too can stand out and make difference if only I'm willing to act and pay the price.

Friend, I wonder if anyone has ever told you, but, you're a winner! Whoever you are, wherever you are, you can change the game! Just as my friend, you can make a difference and leave your mark and a profound impact on this generation.

I don't know, but, maybe you've been screwed by life, gone through a scores of challenges and you've rationalized the situation, drawing a conclusion that, "I'm a loser. I'll never rise any higher. Defeat is my lot in life and you can as well call me an underdog."

Friend, you're breathing, right...!? Then that should tell you something: God has given you another chance; don't put your stakes down and settle for defeat and mediocrity.

I I've learnt something crazy in what they call crazy world. This is the mantra that keeps me going: When life knocks you down, refuse to stay down. Instead, pick up a lesson, stand up, and go again!

Monday, 13 July 2015


If there is a crucial question an average person has never really answered, is the question “who am I?” Statistics have it that billions of people around the world go through life without knowing who they really are. The few who tries to confront the question occasionally use the wrong approach, missing the whole point. We talk of a tragedy!? This is a tragedy and a crisis combined!

 “Well, who am I then?” No doubt this question is bombarding you mind. Probably you’re asking yourself, “Am I what I do: a security guard, a teacher, a mother, an accountant? Or, am I what I have achieved: a university graduate, a PhD holder?”

This week I attend a Sunday service at Main Campus Christian Union (MCCU), University of Nairobi (UoN) where I learned a lot on this topic --“WHO AM I?” I have written this article to share with you the lessons I have learned and some of my experiences to help you discover the real you. I’m so passionate about this topic because it is only through encountering the real you that you’ll have a meaning and purpose for life.  

Our definition of self can be highly influenced by the voices we listen to.

Most of these voices come from those we spend most of our time with –our family members. These are the people we expect to speak words of faith over us and help us become the best we can be. However, this is not always the case as some of us are smashed by the very people who were meant to protect us.

 The world is full of people who have developed a poor self-concept simply because of the negative words spoken over them by their own family members. They grew up in such a depressing and dysfunctional environment where the only thing they heard is: “You’re good for nothing. You’re useless just like your ____.” (I can’t even mention the word.)

One thing we all know is that words are very powerful. One word spoken over you can haunt you and hold you back for years when you accept it to define you! 

Society is also at the forefront in imparting identities on people. They’ll define you based on the salary you get, the car you drive, where you live or the cloths you wear. The problem with this is that society is dynamic. That is to say, if you base your identity on society, your identity is on a shaking ground and you are doomed to failure. What follows? You’ll never be contented.

Again, the devil is not on vacation! He is prowling around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. To get you to his jaws, he uses many voices to try to give you the wrong identity. In Genesis 3 we read about the fall of man. The enemy came to Eve and the trap he used was confronting her with the question of identity. The devil said to Eve, “You’ve told me God told you that you must not eat from this tree. That isn’t the case. The real issue is: God knows when he let you eat this fruit, you will be like him - (Paraphrase).” Eve got into the trap and this is what led to the fall of man. Why? Eve confused her identity to that of God. 

Jesus also encountered this deceiver. After praying and fasting for forty days, the bible records that Jesus was led by the Spirit to be tempted. Notice the devil’s tactic; he confronted the Son of God with the question of identity. He said to Jesus, “If you are the Son of God, turn this stone into bread… If you’re the Son of God, jump down from here. If you are the Son of God, do this. Do that!”  

Knowing the enemy’s intention, Jesus simply said, “It is written.”  In essence he was saying, “Get behind me devil. This issue is not debatable. I know you want to manipulate my identity. Get this you liar: You can’t define me by where I am now. Yes it is uncomfortable out here in the desert. Yes it is tough coping up with these hot steaming temperatures. But you know what, you’ve missed the point. Where I am, is not who I am.”

I don’t know, but maybe you’ve gone through unfair situations in the past. Perhaps your own parents have mistreated you to a point that when you see them, you’ve seen a devil’s agent. It could be you grew up in a very depressing environment. I understand it’s painful, but please, don’t make a mistake of letting your past define you. Instead have the attitude of Jesus and declare, “Even though I may not feel like it. Even though it may not make sense in the natural, I know what God says about me. I choose to listen to the voice of truth!”

Friends, even though these depressing pressures can be overwhelming at times, don’t be tempted to sit on the sidelines and just watch your life going down the drain.

In the Old Testament, we read about this old window, Naomi. Naomi had gone through the most depressing situation in life. She had lost her husband. She had lost her two sons. She had no food, and to add salt on an injury, she was in a foreign Land. Her life had literally fallen apart. When she could not stand the situation any longer, she decided to leave Moab for Bethlehem, her home town –perhaps   just to wait for her death.

Ruth, her in-law, had insisted to accompany her to Moab and the Scripture (in Ruth 1:19) says, upon their arrival, women were aligned across the whole town to receive Naomi back home. In great joy they exclaimed, “Can this be Naomi?”

I suppose Naomi had totally changed. No doubt she looked miserable! I can imagine this grand-mama, walking with resentments written all over her face –announcing to the world that life had given her a curve. In a fretting voice, she complained: “Don’t call me Naomi. Call me Mara, because the Almighty Has made my life very bitter. I went away full but the Lord has brought me back empty. Why call me Naomi? The LORD has afflicted me; the Almighty has brought misfortune upon me.”(Ruth 1:20…)

In Hebrew, the name Naomi means “pleasantness” and Mara means “bitter.”  Naomi made the mistake I’m asking you not to make; the mistake of walking with a chip on her shoulder and letting depressing situations define her. I can’t think but wonder what could have happen to Naomi, were it not for Ruth who was at her beck and call, and who brought about a turnaround in their life after being married to Boaz. 

 When our identity is in jeopardy, we are vulnerable to the devils attacks. We live in a time when many people are totally lost in others. What am I saying? Today more than ever, we see people who have abandoned their true identity and are busy copying other people. You meet them in the streets and you’ll be shocked –they walk like somebody else, talk like somebody else, and even force themselves smile like somebody else. The question to ask is, “when will they ever be themselves?” 

There is only one “you” in the whole universe. You’re irreplaceable. There is something unique about you. There is something you can do that no one else can. Let me ask you, if you live someone else’s life, who will live your life? You’re born an original, why die a copy?

“Now, how do I find my identity?” Perhaps you’re asking.
See, if you want to know the identity of something, you ask the manufacturer of the thing. Now, your identity is divine. That is to say, if you want to know the real you, don’t ask me. Don’t ask your classmate. Don’t ask your society either. Instead, ask your manufacturer, ask the one who chose you before the foundation of time, the one that knitted you together in your mother’s womb, the one that holds the universe, the Almighty God.

In Exodus 3 and 4, we read about the call of Moses. When God called him on a mission to bring the children of Israel out of bondage and oppression, Moses had a poor concept of himself. The Bible records that Moses complained to God saying things like, “Who am I to send? I’m just but a shepherd out here. I’m not eloquent. Nothing good is going for me…” Moses went on and on, giving a list of why he thought he could not measure up to the task.

In all this, I like how God introduced himself to Moses. He said, “Go tell them I AM WHO I AM.” In effect, God was saying, “Who I am determines who I am. When I’m with you, you are not the stammering-feeble-Moses. In me you’re more than a conqueror!”
See what 1st Peter 2:9 says, “We are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God, that we may declare the praises of him who called us out of darkness into His wonderful light.” One of my favorite gospel artists, Snatch, also echoed these words in her song tagged, “I know who I am.” We can hum the tune as we move along. This is how it goes (sing with me):

We are the chosen generation, called forth to show His excellence. All I require for life God has given me, and I know who I am…x2. I know who God says I am, where He says I am,  where He says I’m at. I know I am…

We can suffice the whole idea of this song to say, we are who God says we are, and through Him we know who we are.

In Mathew 16, Jesus asked his disciples this crucial question: “What do people say I am?” The disciples replied, “Some say John the Baptist; others say Elijah; and still others say, Jeremiah or one of the prophets.” At this point, Jesus’s attitude was, “Ok guys, I’ve heard enough of the rumors. Now I want to hear from you. Tell me, who do you say I am?” The disciples were tongue-lashed! I can imagine them hanging their heads down –blushing and unable to face the Master.

In all this time, something amazing was happening on the inside of Simon Peter. He was getting the revelation of who Jesus really was. Suddenly, Peter’s face lit up and he broke the silence. He said to Jesus, “teacher, I’ve known the real you. You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.

If you understand Peter’s background, you will appreciate that for him to give such a response, it was a long short. There had to be some divine intervention. Why? Naturally, no one could expect Peter to know all that. I was reading his background the other day and one thing about him is that he was a kind of a person who was very unstable. He could easily be manipulated and go with the wind. In fact, the name Simon actually meant meek, or, literally a leaf.  

Jesus told Peter, “Blessed are you, Simon son of Jonah, for this was not revealed to you by man, but by my Father in heaven.  And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.” (Matt 16:17-18)
I want you to note something very critical here. The moment Simon got a glimpse of revelation of who Jesus was; he found who he really was. It downed on him that even though people and society saw him as Simon –a leaf and an aimless fellow, –that was not his real identity. His real identity was Peter, the rock; the person through which God was going to build His church.  

Another key is that, identity is followed by purpose. Reading father down, in Matt 16:18, Jesus tells Peter “I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” In effect, this is what Jesus was saying, “Peter, now that you know who you are, I’ll reveal to you your purpose.”

This is what happened to Apostle Paul. In Acts chapter 9, before his conversion, Paul asked God, “Who are you Lord?” God revealed himself to him and immediately he was introduced to a new perspective of God he had never experienced. That led to a turnaround in his life. Paul could now understand God’s purpose for his life. In other words, his revelation of God changed him from Saul, a serial kill and persecutor of Christians –to- Apostle Paul, the proclaimer and the defender of Christ.  

The bottom line is:
  • ·    You’ll get to know your identity when you fix your eyes on Jesus.
  • ·         The question “who am I”, is the question of identity. Unless you know who you really are, the question of life purpose remains a mystery and life will have no meaning. 

Article by: James Serengia.

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